Umphrey’s McGee Premieres New Single ‘The Silent Type’ & Details ‘it’s not us’ Tracklist

On January 12 Umphrey’s McGee will issue their 11th studio album, it’s not us on their Nothing Too Fancy Music label. Today, Billboard has premiered “The Silent Type,” the LP’s first single.

“The Silent Type” is based on six-year-old jam fans have called “Cigarette Cables.” Guitarist Brendan Bayliss said the following about his compositional style, “When we started, we were just trying to fill time, and now we don’t feel the need to make everything so long. We just want to make it right. I feel like we’ve really honed in on the songwriting. We take a lot of pride in it. It takes a lot of time. For every song that people hear, there’s two or three that get thrown away. So we’ve really focused on being more concise and trimming the fat.” Bayliss first worked a lyrical stew that eventually became “The Silent Type” into “1348” on November 26, 2011.

Listen to “The Silent Type”:

it’s not us features a mix of road tested material and completely new tracks. “Looks,” “Whistle Kids,” “Half Delayed,” “Maybe Someday,” “You & You Alone” and “Dark Brush” have not been performed by Umphrey’s McGee, at least not under the titles listed on it’s not us. “Remind Me” was debuted on May 1, 2015; “Forks” dates back to May 28, 2011 and oddly has been shelved since August 19, 2016; “Speak Up” was first played on New Year’s Eve ’15 and “Piranhas” was debuted one year earlier on New Year’s Eve ’14.

it’s not us Tracklist

  • 1. “The Silent Type”
  • 2. “Looks”
  • 3. “Whistle Kids”
  • 4. “Half Delayed”
  • 5. “Maybe Someday”
  • 6. “Remind Me”
  • 7. “You & You Alone”
  • 8. “Forks”
  • 9. “Speak Up”
  • 10. “Piranhas”
  • 11. “Dark Brush”