Umphrey’s McGee Releases ‘Interloper’ Single

By Scott Bernstein Dec 16, 2020 9:12 am PST

Today marks Umphrey’s McGee guitarist Jake Cinninger‘s birthday. The band celebrated the occasion with the digital release of “Interloper.”

The beautiful instrumental “Interloper” was penned by Cinninger along with UM keyboardist Joel Cummins and UM bassist Ryan Stasik. “Interloper” was previously issued on vinyl as part of the it’s not usBeSides, a collection of live renditions, bonus tracks, original demos, alternate arrangements and early iterations that was released in November 2018.


The six-minute track was birthed out of a late night studio session at Cinninger’s Boondock Studios facility in Michigan. Stasik played piano, Cinninger manned the drum kit and Cummins augmented the tune with Rhodes electric piano and synth. Jake went on to overdub guitar melodies and soundscapes captured in the area surrounding Boondock.

Stream “Interloper” below:

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