Umphrey’s McGee Releases ‘Complacently Replacing A Memory’ Compilation


Umphrey’s McGee traces the history of live staple and Anchor Drops track “In The Kitchen” on the 22-track compilation Complacently Replacing A Memory. The band has now released the compilation, which was put together in 2012 and languished in the UM Archives since, for download via and for streaming through’s app.

“In The Kitchen” came to form slowly over the course of UM’s Fall Tour 2002. Complacently Replacing A Memory starts with the “In The Kitchen” from the band’s “True Hollywood Stories” acoustic afternoon concert on March 16, 2012 as a lead in to the first jam featuring a portion of the song, which took place on November 1, 2002 in Fort Collins, Colorado. A December 2012 conversation between UM’s Brendan Bayliss and then Umphrey’s podcaster and now JamBase employee Jon McLennand is weaved in as introductions to notable versions of “In The Kitchen” spanning November 1, 2002 and October 29, 2011.

Five versions from November and December 2002 are included, which showcases the band’s writing process that led from an improvised jam to a nearly finished song. Listeners then hear “The Finished Kitchen” from January 24, 2003 – drummer Kris Myers‘ second show as a member of the band. Other notable takes on “In The Kitchen” featured as part of Complacently Replacing A Memory are a “Bayless Kitchen” performed without Brendan, an acoustic version from a Jake Cinninger and Brendan Bayliss’ holiday benefit concert, “En La Cocina” containing lyrics in Spanish and the debut of the “In The Puppet Kitchen” mashup.

Complacently Replacing A Memory Tracklist

  1. Hollywood Kitchen [2012.03.16 West Hollywood, California]
  2. About the Kitchen
  3. Frame the Kitchen [2002.11.01 Ft. Collins, Colorado]
  4. Fearless & Frozen
  5. Name the Kitchen [2002.11.15 Cincinnati, Ohio]
  6. Kitchen Floor Plan
  7. Four on the Kitchen Floor [2002.11.16 Chicago, Illinois]
  8. Kitchen Workout
  9. In Otto’s Kitchen [2002.12.06 DeKalb, Illinois]
  10. Minor Major Development
  11. Almost the Kitchen [2002.12.07 Milwaukee, Wisconsin]
  12. Tie the Kitchen Together
  13. The Finished Kitchen [2003.01.24 Lansing, Michigan]
  14. Bayless Kitchen [2003.04.18 Des Moines, Iowa]
  15. Reliable Like Joel
  16. Kitchen Dance Party [2005.04.16 Milwaukee, Wisconsin]
  17. Award-Winning / Campfire Kitchen
  18. Kitchen Duet [2006.12.08 Chicago, Illinois]
  19. Dónde Está la Cocina?
  20. En la Cocina [2011.04.02 Chicago, Illinois]
  21. Combination Kitchen
  22. In the Puppet Kitchen [2011.10.29 – Atlanta, Georgia]

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