U-Melt To Play Final Show


From umelt.com:

“Over the last seven years U- Melt has enjoyed all the unique experiences of being a touring rock band. We have criss-crossed the country, released three albums, and built a family of amazing friends and fans throughout the US. Recently we have found ourselves struggling through the economic downturn along with the rest of the country. After much discussion we have decided that it is time to close this chapter of U-Melt. Without naming everyone, we want to thank the numerous agents, promoters, managers, artists, friends, and family that made this trip possible.

In addition to our currently announced dates, we have added two more U-Melt shows which will be our final festival appearance and final show. On Friday November 26, U-Melt will return to New York City for a show at the amazing Highline Ballroom. Details of the event and pre-sale info will be announced soon. This will be a memorable evening in our hometown of NYC and we hope to see everyone together one more time. Before that, on September 19, U- Melt will perform at its last Wormtown festival — tickets can be purchased at http://www.wormtown.com/new_wormtown.com/. No U-Melt dates will be added between the Wormtown Music Festival and the Highline show in November.

As for the future, we will all be spending time exploring new sonic spaces, seeking out musical territory pushing ourselves into new directions, and as always, striving to make the best music we can possibly make. In the upcoming weeks, we will be announcing some new projects and collaborations which are sure to excite you as much as they excite us, so stay tuned… this journey is far from over. Thanks again to all of the fans who joined us for this incredible adventure, we love you all.”

Aug 6 – Pet Zoo 3 Freehold, NJ
Aug 7 – Weekend Off Fest Warsaw, NY
Aug 20 – *Non U-Melt* Zac Lasher joins Everyone Orchestra Gig in the Sky Fest Windham, NY
Aug 22 – Gig in the Sky Fest Windham, NY
Sept 11 – Catskill Chill Music Fest Hancock, NY
Sept 18 – Sterling Stage Sterling, NY
Sept 19 – Wormtown Music Fest Greenfield, MA
Sept 19 – *Non U-Melt* Brooklyn Sound Lab featuring Zac Lasher and Josh Parrish Wormtown Music Fest Greenfield, MA
Sept 23 – *Non U-Melt* Brooklyn Sound Lab supports Jimkata on Half Moon Boat Cruise NY, NY
Nov 26 – Highline Ballroom NY, NY (Final U-Melt show)

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