Twiddle Kicks Off Frendsgiving Run 2020 In Vermont


Twiddle kicked off their Frednsgiving livestream run at Essex Cinemas in Essex, Vermont on Friday night. The band delivered two sets and an encore complete with some seasonal surprises.

Originally set to conduct their livestream run at Frendsgivings’ usual haunt, The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York, Twiddle had to reroute the shows to their home state of Vermont due to safety concerns. The music got underway with “Earth Mama.” The reggae-tinged tune saw the band cycling through a number feels beginning with a floating, major jam that saw a “The Christmas Song” tease from keyboardist Ryan Dempsey. Then, the band got into a darker section with Mihali Savoulidis showing off some shred skills on the guitar before returning to some singing and closing the song out. Twiddle then headed into “White Light” (from their 2017 double LP Plump and also the name of the Twiddle-related nonprofit and beneficiary of the shows), which included a “Little Drummer Boy” tease. Next, “Beehop” encompassed a “Ganja Medley” before closing out with the classic, “Jamflowman.”

Dempsey began the second set with the piano interlude “Enter” from Plump before the band headed into the song’s neighbor on the album, “Orlando’s,” which in turn segued into the Mason Williams instrumental “Classical Gas” along with a “Carol Of The Bells” tease. A return to “Orlando’s” would then find its ways to “Brown Chicken Brown Cow” to conclude the continuous opening segment. The new song “Distance Makes The Heart,” debuted at a recent outdoor concert at South Famrs in Connecticut, as per Phantasy Tour, came next before the second set closer, the vitage “Beethoven And Greene.” Twiddle would retake the stage for an encore of “Slippin’ In The Kitchen” to bring the evening to a close.

Watch video of opener “Earth Mama” via Relix below:

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