Twiddle Welcomes Dopapod’s Rob Compa & Debuts Originals In Denver

Watch Twiddle’s first three songs including the debut of “Earned To Keep.”

By Nate Todd Nov 8, 2021 1:57 pm PST

Twiddle stopped by Denver’s Mission Ballroom on Saturday where they shared the bill with Dopapod. Twiddle welcomed Dopapod guitarist Rob Compa for the encore and also fit in original debuts in both sets.

Dopapod opened the show with a five-song set that began with “Mucho” from their 2017 album Megagem. The quartet would also welcome their lighting designer Luke Stratton on guitar for “23 Forever” from their 2019 album Emit Time. Dopapod closed out their set with “Vol. 3 #86” from their 2012 offering Redivider.

Twiddle kicked off their two-set performance with the staple “Apples” followed by “River Drift.” The band then unveiled a new song, “Earned To Keep.” Guitarist Mihali Savoulidis led the group through the first couple verses before reeling off a rocking solo ahead of the song’s conclusion. Twiddle followed with “Blunderbuss” and “White Light” before closing out the first frame with a pairing of the classics “Jamflowman” and “Frankenfoote.”

The second set got underway with “Distance Makes The Heart” followed by “Every Soul.” Twiddle then debuted another new tune called “Stroganoff” followed by “Lost In The Cold” and “Slippin’ In The Kitchen.” The quartet then embarked on a substantial set closing section beginning with “Wasabi Eruption” which led into “The Box.” From there the band found their way into the “Mortal Combat Theme” and Daft Punk’s “Robot Rock” ahead of a return to “The Box” to bring the set to a close. For the encore, Twiddle welcomed Dopapod guitarist Rob Compa for “Collective Pulse” to cap off the evening.

Watch pro-shot video of Twiddle’s first three songs including the debut of “Earned To Keep” below:

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Dopapod Setlist (via Dopapod Facebook)

Set: Mucho, FABA, Think, 23 Forever*, Vol. 3 #86


*w/ Luke Stratton on guitar

Twiddle Setlist (via Twiddle Facebook)

Set One: Apples, River Drift, Earned To Keep [1], Blunderbuss, White Light Jamflowman -> Frankenfoote

Set Two: Distance Makes The Heart, Every Soul, Stroganoff [2], Lost In The Cold, Slippin’ In The Kitchen, Wasabi Eruption -> The Box -> Mortal Combat-> Robot Rock [3] -> The Box

Encore: Collective Pulse [4]


[1] First time played

[2]First time played

[3] Daft Punk

[4] With Rob Compa

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