Twiddle Shares 1st Set From Recent Chicago Show: Pro-Shot Video


Earlier this month Twiddle turned in a performance at Chicago’s Concord Music Hall. The Vermont jam act has shared pro-shot video of their opening set from February 8 that featured the quartet teaming up with Mungion‘s Justin Reckamp on “Milk.”

Twiddle began their night by nodding to the location as they served the theme song from long-running sitcom Family Matters, which was famously set in The Windy City. From there, Twiddle dug in an expansive “Orlando’s” that featured “Dr. Remidi’s Melodium” dropped in its midst. Another seamless stretch followed as they looked to “Grandpa Fox” next.

Reckamp emerged as they transitioned from the track from their 2007 release Natural Evolution of Consciousness into “Milk.” With the Mungion guitarist in tow, the ad-hoc ensemble delivered an 11+ minute take on the tune from their most recent studio album. The four-piece returned back to “Grandpa Fox” ahead of a set-closing take on setlist staple “Lost In The Cold.”

Watch pro-shot video from February 8 below:


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