Trey Anastasio Speaks To Drug Court Graduates In Upstate New York

By Scott Bernstein Jun 15, 2016 3:16 pm PDT

On December 15, 2006 Phish frontman Trey Anastasio was arrested in Whitehall, New York and was charged with misdemeanor drug possession, driving while under the influence of drugs and aggravated unlicensed operation. Anastasio eventually was allowed to participate in and completed the Washington County Felony Drug Court which he considers the best thing that ever happened to him. Trey discussed his time in drug court and his now near decade of sobriety on Wednesday at a graduation ceremony for the Washington County Felony Drug Court in Fort Edwards, New York.

The Post-Star reports Anastasio spoke for nearly 25 minutes and congratulated those who completed the program today.

“The night I got arrested, I couldn’t go 10 minutes without taking something,” Anastasio said. “Nine years later, I don’t think about drinking or drugging anymore.” He told those on hand the 14 months in drug court helped to save his life and that it was “a gift to get arrested and be put through the paces to get sober.”

The guitarist revealed he still attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in his current hometown of New York City and additionally helps others by serving as a sponsor. He related that the longer you stay sober, the easier it becomes. He also shared cautionary tales of others who weren’t able to remain sober and wound up in jail or worse dead.

“I thought I would come in here and say, ‘I’m sober’ and get to go home,” Trey recounted. “At the time, I thought this was the worst thing that ever happened to me. Today, it’s without a question the best thing that ever happened to me.” He also posed for pictures and talked with drug court participants.

Head to for more from Trey’s visit to today’s ceremony. Phish kicks off Summer Tour one week from today in St. Paul, Minnesota. Watch Anastasio tell the story of his Drug Court experience at a 2011 conference:

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