Trey Anastasio Lobbies For Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks Chant

By Team JamBase Apr 17, 2013 1:30 pm PDT


Always one to get a big kick out of his own ideas and jokes, Trey Anastasio had a good laugh last night pitching his idea for Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Now that we have upgraded video, we are able to accurately transcribe exactly what Trey had to say,

“Now you guys gotta help me with this. First of all, it’s a thrill to be here in Seattle, playing. This is how you have to help me out: I wanted to do this all last football season but I don’t really know how we’re going to pull this off. “We” I say because we’re going to do this together. But by next season, every time Russell Wilson walks onto the field…we want the organ player…I think you know where I’m going with this – you guys gotta help me out somehow. Social media – and tell your friends! Somebody has to make this happen because for 30 years we’ve been waiting for someone with the name to make Wilson be a sports star. So I’ll play the song – you guys make it happen!”

At JamBase, we personally think a more important campaign would be to get a Major League Baseball closer to claim Tweezer Reprise as their walk-in song – but this is a good enough start.

UPDATE: Since this post is seeing a lot of action – and was retweeted by Russell Wilson himself – we wanted people less familiar with the song to see what an arena full of people chanting Wilson really looks like. Here is Phish from Madison Square Garden – December 30, 2011:

ANOTHER UPDATE: After being picked up by CBS Sports – we’ve gotten some requests to also embed the video of Phish from Madison Square Garden 1994 where Trey is getting the crowd pumped up for this performance of Wilson that ultimately was released on the live double- disc A Live One

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