Trey Anastasio Teases ‘Tweezer’ At Bomb Factory In Dallas


Guitarist Trey Anastasio returned to the scene of an all-time great Phish show on Sunday night, when he brought the Trey Anastasio Band to The Bomb Factory in Dallas. Anastasio didn’t wait long to acknowledge the location by teasing “Tweezer” in the same room where Phish famously delivered an insane “Tweezerfest” on May 7, 1994.

The banter came after the pairing of “Set Your Soul Free” and “Cayman Review” that began TAB’s first set. Anastasio, who was presented with a sign stating “9,395 Days Since Last Bomb Factory Tweezer” went ahead and pretended to start “Tweezer.” However, he quickly aborted the Phish classic. “I’m not doing that … I’m not doing that, but you get it?,” Trey quipped. He then asked if anyone was in the venue when Phish performed the famed “Tweezer.” He laughingly said, “I’ll see you 26 years from now.” Anastasio also took a moment to acknowledge he was born in Fort Worth, “exactly 35 miles” from The Bomb Factory and added, “Hometown gig … It’s good to be home, thanks for having me.”

After the fun “Tweezer” banter, TAB went on to present a mix of staples such as “Everything’s Right,” “Sand,” “Drifting,” “Dark & Down,” “Mr. Completely” and “First Tube” as well as other Phish tunes including “Magilla,” “Camel Walk,” “Ghost” and “No Men In No Man’s Land” over the course of the evening’s two sets. The big surprise came in the form of a cover of Guy Lombardo’s “Enjoy Yourself,” which had been shelved since November 2, 2015. “I gotta do this one song right here,” Anastasio said ahead of “Enjoy Yourself” before adding, “Words of wisdom before we leave.” The Trey Anastasio Band encored with an a capella “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” as well as a cover of Gorillaz’s “Clint Eastwood” and the original “Rise/Come Together.”

Stream Anastasio’s “Tweezer” tease and banter below via @rphish:



Set One: Set Your Soul Free, Cayman Review, Everything’s Right, Magilla, Camel Walk, Sand, Drifting, Mozambique, Blaze On, Push On ‘Til The Day

Set Two: Sometime After Sunset, Undermind, Acting The Devil, Ghost, No Men In No Man’s Land, Liquid Time, Love Is What We Are, Dark & Down, Valentine, Alaska, Mr. Completely, A Life Beyond The Dream, Enjoy Yourself, First Tube

Encore: Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Clint Eastwood, Rise/Come Together


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