Trey Anastasio Band Makes Debut At Mission Ballroom In Denver


Trey Anastasio Band made their debut at the just-opened Mission Ballroom in Denver. The concert on Friday night featured TAB’s debut performance of another song from the Ghosts Of The Forest project as “Sightless Escape” was played the first time by this group fronted by Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio.

Anastasio tapped the TAB classic “Caymen Review” to start Friday’s show, which was the second held at the venue that opened earlier in the week. The band then worked through a mix that included a few songs that dovetail between TAB and Phish like “Set Your Soul Free,” “Gotta Jibboo” and “Everything’s Right.” The first set also saw the aforementioned TAB debut of “Sightless Escape.” Friday’s opening set ended with “Tuesday.”

Following intermission, “Money, Love And Change” broke open the second set. The rest of night included Phish’s “Ghost,” Gorillaz’s “Clint Eastwood,” the GOTF song “A Life Beyond The Dream” and a number of TAB staples like “Alive Again,” “Mr. Completely” and “Shine.” The set came to a close with the Phish/TAB favorite “Sand.”

Anastasio went solo at the start of the encore, delivering acoustic takes on “Strange Design,” “Mountains In The Mist” and from Ghosts Of The Forest, “Brief Time.” The full band reemerged for a “Valentine” finale. TAB returns to the Mission Ballroom for another performance tonight. Watch the band’s debut of “Sightless Escape” via Gregory Marcus below:


Trey Anastasio Band at Mission Ballroom

Set 1
  • Cayman Review  
  • Set Your Soul Free
  • Frost  
  • Gotta Jibboo  
  • Magilla  
  • Curlew's Call  
  • Sightless Escape  
  • Everything's Right
  • Tuesday  
Set 2
  • Money, Love and Change  
  • Pigtail  
  • Alaska  
  • Alive Again  
  • Ghost  
  • Clint Eastwood  
  • Mr. Completely  
  • A Life Beyond the Dream  
  • Shine  
  • Sand  
  • Strange Design  
  • Mountains in the Mist  
  • Brief Time  
  • Valentine