Trevor Hall Shares ‘my god’ Video: Exclusive Premiere

Watch the video for a standout track from the Hall’s latest album.

By Scott Bernstein Sep 9, 2021 11:39 am PDT

The stunning track “my god” is a highlight from singer-songwriter Trevor Hall‘s latest album, In And Through The Body. Hall tapped Natasha Ali to direct a video for ‘my god’ featuring NASA Earth Observatory satellite images and today JamBase is pleased to premiere the trippy visual.

Brad Cook (Bon Iver, Hiss Golden Messenger) produced 2020’s In And Through The Body which was recorded in Durham, North Carolina. The album features instrumental accompaniment from Phil Cook (Megafaun) and Matthew McCaughan (Bon Iver) as well as vocals from Trevor’s wife, Emory Hall. A deluxe edition of the LP as recently released and has already racked up over 40 million Spotify streams.

Hall shared the following in regards to “my god”:

“‘my god’ has always given me a mystical and psychedelic feel. my mind is always flooded with images and colors when i play it. natasha brought that to life with her own interpretation of the song and consequently has up leveled those images for my own internal meditation. hoping these visuals give everyone a new look and interpretation of ‘my god.’”

“I’m always moved when I see imagery of Mother Earth from space. It’s a reminder that when we pull our perspective back far enough, we can see how interconnected we are,” added Natasha Ali. “No borders are seen from above, just a harmonious blend of elements and colours working together like a fine art painting. I was inspired to use these satellite images from NASA for this video in a way to highlight this sentiment, as I felt it was very fitting for Trevor’s song ‘my god.'”

Watch Trevor Hall’s “my god” video below:

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