Tom Marshall Shares Second Part Of Trey Anastasio ‘Under The Scales’ Interview


Last week’s installment of Phish lyricist Tom Marshall’s Under The Scales podcast featured an interview with Trey Anastasio conducted by Tom and Dan Kanter. Marshall promised a second part of the chat with his childhood friend and longtime collaborator was coming and now it’s here.

In part two of Trey and Dan’s interview with Trey, the Phish frontman goes into detail on his guitars. Anastasio talks about the Paul Languedoc-crafted axes and more. The podcast – which was recorded backstage at Madison Square Garden in New York City prior to Phish’s show on December 29, 2016 – starts with Kanter talking about his dream guitar and his Gibson endorsement. Dan and Tom then discuss their gameplan for the chat with Trey.

Dan and Tom bring Trey into the podcast at the 12-minute mark. Kanter asks Anastasio about his loyalty to Paul Languedoc’s guitars. The Phish frontman said he started basing his sound on the guitars Paul made. Anastasio goes into detail about the features of his guitars and what makes them so special. Trey also talked about how talented, smart and serious Languedoc is not only as a luthier but in his former role as Phish’s soundman.

Listen to the latest installment of Under The Scales:

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