Theo Katzman Shares ‘You Could Be President’ Video


Theo Katzman shared the official video for his song “You Could Be President.” The track is the lead single from the multi-instrumentalist’s upcoming new solo album, Modern Johnny Sings: Songs In The Age of Vibe.

“You Could Be President” features Katzman on acoustic and electric guitars with drummer Louis Cato, pianist Lee Pardini and Vulfpeck bassist Joe Dart. Katzman recently announced a tour in support of Modern Johnny Sings: Songs In The Age of Vibe, which is set for release in 2020.

“Modern Johnny is a feeling,” said Katzman. “It’s closer to Vonnegut’s Kilgore Trout than Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust — Modern Johnny represents the journey, the quest, the plight of the singer-songwriter trying to make it in today’s music world.”

Watch the “You Could Be President” video below:

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