The Young Dudes Edition: Cian Nugent, Aidan Knight & Walter Martin

Cian Nugent: Night Fiction

Last week I featured three marvelous ladies, so it’s only fair that I hit on some inventive singer-songwriter offerings from the gents. First up is Cian Nugent, the normally-instrumental Irish guitarist who makes his debut as a guy-who-also-sings on his latest album Night Fiction out on Woodsist. One of the nice things about this one is that Nugent meets us halfway so that there are still plenty of lovely instrumental passages in here that serve as a nice contrast to his vocals, that are in the Kurt Vile/Steve Gunn style somewhere between spoken/droned/moaned/sung. There is

a natural ease to this music, some played solo, some with a rocking full band, it’s got legs and gets to where it needs to, but no rush … no rush.


Aidan Knight: Each Other

Sometimes an album grabs you from the start and sometimes it takes its time creeping up on you. Each Other, the new release from Aidan Knight is in the latter category, revealing its goodies at its own pace. Hailing from Victoria, Canada, Knight follows in the footsteps of many of his fellow indie-rocking countrymen, building up simple songs into orchestral pieces with horns and synthesizers. Yet, each track maintains a very intimate feel, quiet and moody. Next time you’re snowed in, give Each Other a listen.



Walter Martin: Arts & Leisure

Finally, a bit of fun. I mean, music is supposed to be fun, right? Every once in a while, at least. On his newest solo effort, Arts & Leisure, Walter Martin of The Walkmen sets the tone right off with “Jobs I Had Before I Got Rich and Famous,” which is aptly described by its title: playful, tongue-in-cheek and quite entertaining. The rest of the album more or less maintains the spirit of the opening track. These are highly lovable, highly listenable songs, perfect for singing along or dancing along to for listeners of all ages.


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