The War On Drugs Begins Fall Tour With Debuts Of ‘A Deeper Understanding’ Songs


The State Theatre in Portland, Maine hosted The War On Drugs for a performance on Monday evening. Opening night of the band’s Fall Tour featured the live debuts of several songs from their just-released studio album A Deeper Understanding.

Frontman/guitarist Adam Granduciel started the show off with the first live rendition of “In Chains” from the recently issued LP. Backed by bassist Dave Hartley, keyboardist Robbie Bennett, drummer Charlie Hall, guitarist Anthony LaMarca and multi-instrumentalist Jon Natchez, the show saw Granduciel also leading the debuts of A Deeper Understanding cuts “Knocked Down,” “Nothing To Find,” “Up All Night” and “Clean Living.”

Monday’s concert featured takes on recent singles “Pain” and “Holding On” as well as selections from 2014’s Lost In The Dream, including “An Ocean In Between The Waves,” “Eyes To The Wind,” “Red Eyes” and “Under The Pressure.” Audience-shot video footage from The State captured by Patrick Garriepy can be viewed below:

[In Chains]

[Knocked Down]

[Nothing To Find]

[Up All Night]

[Clean Living]


[An Ocean In Between The Waves]

[Holding On]

[Red Eyes]

[Eyes To The Wind]

[Under The Pressure]


The War on Drugs at State Theatre

  • In Chains  
  • Pain
  • An Ocean in Between the Waves
  • Strangest Thing
  • Holding On
  • Red Eyes
  • Knocked Down  
  • Nothing to Find  
  • You Don't Have to Go
  • Up All Night  
  • Burning
  • Eyes to the Wind
  • Under the Pressure
  • Clean Living  
  • In Reverse

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