The Revivalists’ David Shaw Releases Debut Solo Singles


The Revivalists frontman David Shaw shared his first ever solo singles. Shaw unveiled “Shaken” along with an accompanying video as well as “Promised Land.” Both songs will appear on David’s forthcoming debut studio album, set for release on Yokoko Records/C3 Records in 2021.

David Shaw worked on the solo material at a studio in his backyard and recorded them at New Orleans’ The Parlor Recording Studio. “Shaken” was the first tune to emerge as he began to explore his artistry as a solo artist. The song is described as “a message of confronting fears and insecurities, learning to listen to and follow the things that make you fulfilled and happy, trusting in the path you are on and embracing the unique things that you have to offer as an individual” in press materials. Shaw tapped Hometown Crew’s Kevin Johnson to direct a video for “Shaken.”

Read a note from David Shaw about “Shaken”:

I was going through some tough times, and ‘Shaken’ came out when I first sat down to write a song knowing I was writing for just me this time which was a strange and different sort of feeling. At first, writing this song was an exercise in self-care, but it became bigger than that. This song is for anyone who feels different, left out, misunderstood, or insecure – I want you to know that the things that make you feel that way now can be the same things that can lead you to your purpose or passion, to your happiness or success.

“Promised Land” addresses the divide along economic and racial lines in the nation. “I was thinking about how I love my country, but America is not a promised land for so many people. Land of the free – sure, if you’re white and privileged. If you’re Black, you are walking around with a target on your back,” explained Shaw. “Just ask George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others – you can’t, because they aren’t here anymore. The song is talking about the divide we have with race and class in this country. We need to act to dismantle systems that oppress and dehumanize people of color in this country.”

Check out the video for David Shaw’s “Shaken” below:

Stream “Promised Land” by David Shaw:

See a letter to The Revivalists fans from Shaw:

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