The Revivalists’ David Shaw Announces Self-Titled Debut Solo Album & Shares Single


The Revivalists frontman David Shaw officially announced his self-titled debut solo album, out on May 7 via Yokoko Records/C3 Records. David also shared the single “Got Me Feeling Good.”

Shaw previously released the solo singles “Heavy Soul” and “Shivers.” He also performed a number of the album tracks for a World Cafe Session.

Shaw detailed the new album in a statement. Read his words below:

On many levels it feels like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders and a great metamorphosis has taken place. The whole process was a bit like wandering around in a forest during those special twilight hours with the sense that something good is just beyond the horizon. I’m just elated that the ride to get there was just as satisfying as the place itself. I’m excited for all of my beloved fans to get a further glimpse into who I am as an artist but most importantly who I am as a person. They’ve always been a part of me and I want them to know that this album is a part of them too.

“It’s a feel-good party tune, plain and simple,” Shaw added on the new single. “It’s such a heavy time in our world and I think people don’t always have the bandwidth right now for heavy. I know I don’t. Put something on that makes me feel good. That’s what I want, and that’s what I was going for with this song.”

Listen to “Got Me Feeling Good” below:

David Shaw Tracklist:

  1. Promised Land
  2. Shaken
  3. Got Me Feeling Good
  4. Heavy Soul
  5. Shivers
  6. Something To This Feeling
  7. I’ll Be Your Man
  8. So Far Gone
  9. I Can Hear You (Calling On Me)
  10. Bad Side Of You
  11. Disrepair
  12. The Place

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