The Notorious Wilco Brothers Acoustic ‘Magnetized’ Performance


Wilco continues to roll out official live recordings to their online store. The latest additions to the Roadcase series of live recordings are the band’s August 6th performance in San Francisco in which they played unplugged under the moniker “The Notorious Wilco Brothers” and an August 11th visit to Redmond, Washington. To help promote the new releases, Wilco has shared free streaming audio of a Star Wars track from San Francisco.

Frontman Jeff Tweedy recently participated in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit and discussed the Notorious Wilco Brothers performance in San Francisco. Redditor Sewayland wrote “you guys came on stage at The Independent (the San Francisco venue where the Notorious Wilco Brothers performance took place) with the look of horror on your faces, and a few songs in, during your banter with the audience, you said ‘this is a lot of fun for us,’ and the look on Nels face as he rolled his eyes made me laugh. So my question is, how fun are those acoustic sets?” Tweedy responded, “we skipped soundcheck that day and were truly terrified at how it sounded when we came out on stage. Wasn’t expecting such a DEAD stage. Picked the wrong room to play an acoustic set! Glad you enjoyed it.”

Jeff and the band persevered and turned in a show that has won acclaim from many fans. Stream the live acoustic version of “Magnetized” off Star Wars from The Notorious Wilco Brothers performance at The Independent in San Francisco:

Wilco returns to the road on September 16 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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