The Lumineers Share ‘Gloria’ & ‘Donna’ Videos

By Ming Lee Newcomb May 21, 2019 11:27 am PDT

Last month, The Lumineers announced their third studio album, the aptly titled III, and shared its first song “Gloria.” Now, the Denver-born folk-rock band has shared a new music video for the collection’s lead single, ahead of III‘s expected release on September 13 via Dualtone/Decca Records.

As previously reported, III is being released as a concept album featuring three individual EPs, with each focused on one primary character from three generations within a fictitious family, the Sparks. The group released the first EP, Gloria Sparks, named after the family matriarch, on Friday, May 17. Now, the band is releasing a trio of music videos for the three-song collection over the coming week, with “Gloria” released on May 20, “Donna” released on May 21 and “Life In The City” released on May 22.

All the videos were directed by Kevin Phillips and produced by Neighborhood Watch. Across the clips, Gloria Sparks is portrayed by Anna Cordell, while Josh Close takes on the role of Gloria’s husband, William. The trio of music videos illustrate the disturbing tale of the Gloria Sparks protagonist, showing the mother as she grapples with alcoholism and new motherhood.

“Donna,” the first video in the 10-part series, offers the woman’s backstory, contrasting her deceased mother and father’s life with her own. By “Gloria,” the woman is deep in her alcoholism, with the deeply unsettling video depicting both her having a seizure and being hospitalized and later getting into a drunk-driving accident, where she flees the scene of the crime, leaving her injured husband in the passenger seat.

The Lumineers plan to release two additional EPs in the future, with Chapter II focused on Gloria’s grandson Junior and Chapter III centering on her son Jimmy Sparks. Each of the mini-collections will similarly receive narrative music videos, with the ten-video collection for III offering a fuller picture of the life of the Sparks family.

Watch the first two videos from the three-part series below:

Donna (Part 1 of 10)

Gloria (Part 3 of 10)

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