The Lil Smokies Share The Barr Brothers Cover ‘Even The Darkness Has Arms’


The Lil Smokies recorded a song by The Barr Brothers for a new installment of their SnowGhost Singles series. Guitarist Matt Rieger handles lead vocal duties on “Even The Darkness Has Arms.”

“If you ever woke up in a bed without somebody, and you didn’t know the bed or the room or the city, this song might be for you,” guitarist Brad Barr told KEXP in 2014 about the single from The Barr Brothers’ sophomore studio album, Sleeping Operator. The Lil Smokies recently added “Even The Darkness Has Arms” to their live repertoire.

Past installments of the series featuring studio versions of oft-requested covers include The New Basement Tapes’ “Kansas City,” Elton John’s “Rocket Man”, Led Zeppelin’s “Going To California” and the Beatles’ “Paperback Writer.” All of the songs were tracked at the SnowGhost Music studio with engineer Brett Allen and assistant engineer Jerry Sandler over the course of a single day.

Listen to The Lil Smokies’ take on “Even The Darkness Has Arms” below:

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