The Lil Smokies Announce Lineup Changes & Add Kyle Tuttle


Americana act The Lil Smokies confirmed a few changes to the group’s lineup. Banjoist Matt Cornette and bassist Scott Parker have parted ways with The Lil Smokies, while banjo player Kyle Tuttle ha joined the band.

“Friends and family of The Lil Smokies, we’re proud to announce that the inimitable Kyle Tuttle will be joining us on banjo this year,” wrote The Lil Smokies on Thursday. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to join forces with such a dear friend and talented musician.”

The Lil Smokies revealed the news of Cornette and Parker’s departure earlier in the week. Read a note from the band:

Obviously this last year has been incredibly challenging on everyone and has led many to reflect and reprioritize their lives. Within this spirit, Matt Cornette and Scott Parker have decided to hang up their touring boots and part ways with the band.

It has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life to share the road, the memories and some of the finest stages in the country with these friends of mine. Their contributions to this band and our family have been invaluable and it goes without saying that they’ll be missed. Yet, we can’t wait to see where their next endeavors take them; expecting nothing less than the moon.

With the most sincere of hearts and all the love, we wish you both the best. Thanks for everything.

In the coming days we’ll have more info on The Smokies and upcoming shows, but for now we’d like to take the proper time and care to celebrate these amazing humans.

-Andy, Rev, Jake

Both Matt Cornette and Scott Parker shared statements of their own:

Matt Cornette

I was there from the very beginning. We have been through some very tough times and have always evolved and come out the other side, stronger, and even better. Now it is time for the band to evolve once again. A lot has changed for me over the last year. I have decided it is time for me to pursue my other passions and dreams and stay closer to the home that I love. I will spend this summer as the executive chef at a guest ranch on the Blackfoot river in western Montana. Throughout the year, I will also be guiding fly-fishing trips on the many rivers that surround Missoula.

I consider myself very lucky to have been a part of such an incredibly talented group of musicians who have performed for the most incredible audiences on some of the finest stages in the world. I am so grateful for all of our loyal fans and all of the people and musicians that have been part of my touring life for over 12 years. This is not the end to my musical career, just another start to a brand new chapter. With love and gratitude.


Scott Parker

Lots of time to reflect on everything huh? Sooooooo muchhh timeeee. At first during this “vacation” I was so excited to be home and enjoy everything I love when not on tour. There was of that urge to “need to get back on the road, sleep in a hotel room, wake up 7 minutes before van call, find Whole Foods, drive, soundcheck, find the nearest YMCA, do the thing I love most with my best friends, pull straws for the single room, and Repeat” kinda feeling. As the months went on, I really never played much music and I started to wonder if I really wanted to ever tour again. Once the doubts became more prominent than my desire to do the thing I love most with my best friends, I knew it was time to leave the music business.

Who knows what’s next for me but I hope for the absolute best for the Smokies and will have 10+ years of the wildest, craziest, funniest, best memories and stories that I’ll never forget. Thanks to the fans for the endless smiles. Love y’all.


Stay tuned for more news from The Lil Smokies.

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