The Latin Dead Announces Launch Of 1st-Ever Equity Crowdfund

By Team JamBase Mar 15, 2021 1:47 pm PDT

Founding members of the new venture, The Latin Dead, announced the inception of their equity crowdfund. Launched via the Music Benefactors investment platform, The Latin Dead is the first band ever to issue equity to the public.

The Latin Dead, fully appreciating the Grateful Dead experience, aims to convey the dynamic and unpredictable nature of Grateful Dead performances while initiating and fostering the emotional response of the listeners. Investment in The Latin Dead provides an opportunity for anyone to become an executive producer to support, profit and be part of an exciting new pursuit fusing the music of the Grateful Dead with that of Latin Jazz, thereby inaugurating a novel musical marriage.

“The Grateful Dead mythology is a living legend that we will honor, respect and embellish on,” said Brenden Tacon, founder of The Latin Dead. “To uplift, inspire, entice and have fun are our goals above all else.”

The minimum investment to own a part of the recording is $500 with additional increments of $50, and those who allocate greater than or equal to $5,000 will be invited to join the Latin Dead Board of Advisors to collaborate directly with the band and its operations. By reaching its full fundraising goal, the new musical enterprise will feature sufficient high-quality arrangements, a gig-ready professional 10-12 piece band, a full length recorded album, a behind the scenes montage video, a well-structured company and a modest marketing/merchandising effort to provide the band with some initial momentum.

The Latin Dead’s mission is to expand musical boundaries by putting the Dead’s music into a new context and truly garner the support of the ever-faithful and vast Grateful Dead community. The Latin Dead is intently being established as a band and business with a long-term outlook. The initial funding is essential for The Latin Dead as they intend to bring in world-renowned musicians, arrangers, promoters, booking agents and advisors to, reasonably quickly, become profitable and thrive so they can become a sustainable working band. Given their experience and high confidence that the music is timeless, marketable and will be sought-after, they truly believe this offering is well-deserving.

The Latin Dead feels this is a unique opportunity for those to participate in a musical experience as more than just a spectator but to own and profit from part of history in the making. The Latin Dead are admittedly reaching out for the chance to turn their dreams into reality because they know that the garage band approach to this endeavor will not suffice. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the financial situation of already struggling artists worldwide and the costs are high when setting the highest standard but that is what the fans deserve.

Crowdfund The Latin Dead via Music Benefactors

The Latin Dead can have the uncanny ability and flexibility to not only gig in a variety of venues from jazz rooms to music halls and amphitheaters but to appeal to a wider audience beyond Deadheads into the Latin and jazz music lovers of the world with the hopes of building a cultural bridge. The Latin Dead plan to maintain many Afro-Latino and jazz traditions, of which those members involved are schooled in from the street to the conservatory.

Recruiting the highest caliber arrangers and musicians is paramount in this endeavor. The Latin Dead understands that establishing long-term fruitful relationships at every level of the industry, including with the fans, is a calculated undertaking. Based on the prior experiences of the band’s founders, they are prepared and excited to forge ahead with this ambitious project. Building a strong foundation is crucial for enduring success in any business and realistically requires a great deal of initial working capital.

The Latin Dead feel strongly that adaptations of the Dead’s music into differing Latin styles is a natural progression since the Dead’s arrangements, although many of which are quite complex, incorporate the jazz format in a rock and roll, folk and country context.

Additionally, you can hear and feel the clave already in countless Dead tunes, which serves as the anchor and pulse of Latin grooves and rhythms. Both musics are complementary in that they are both danceable, polyrhythmic and syncopated, percussion-heavy, improvisatory and melodic. Some tunes/styles are reflective, enchanting and/or some incite expressiveness just as music should do.

“Both genres contain such stylistic depth to explore, that we can create more than just a show,” said Tacon. “Together with the crowd’s force, we can foster an experience that feels like a journey through the emotional spectrum coming out always, in the end, on the up and up!”

Visit The Latin Dead on Music Benefactors to learn more.

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