The JamBase Podcast Episode 29: Widespread Panic’s Duane Trucks


The 29th episode of The JamBase Podcast was recorded aboard Jam Cruise 17 and features an interview with Widespread Panic drummer Duane Trucks. Up first is a special edition of “The Rundown” that contains a recap of the recently-completed 2019 installment of Jam Cruise.

Duane Trucks sits with JamBase’s Scott Bernstein for a fascinating “Tour Stories” segment. The drummer talks about his Jam Cruise experience as he was aboard with the supergroup The Cleaners. Duane then discusses Panic’s 2018 New Year’s Run and how the band paid tribute to both Col. Bruce Hampton and Michael Houser. From there, Trucks tells tales from his time on the road with Col. Bruce including an unbelievable story of how Hampton literally read Duane’s mind. Finally, the drummer recalls his early days in Widespread Panic and a rite of initiation he went through in Milwaukee.

Today’s episode starts with “The Rundown.” ScottyB chats with Jam Cruise first-timer (and JamBase contributor) Dianna Hank as well as future JamBase contributor and JC veteran Maya Gans about the musical adventure at sea. The trio shares their highlights, what makes Jam Cruise so special and more. For full Jam Cruise 17 coverage check out Scotty’s recaps of Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Days 5 & 6.

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