The Flaming Lips To Do Dark Side at Bonnaroo

The Flaming Lips To Do Dark Side of the Moon at Bonnaroo

The Flaming Lips
According to an interview at (thanks for the tip Pitchfork), The Flaming Lips will perform Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety at this year’s Bonnaroo. In the interview singer Wayne Coyne indicated that the Lips would perform one set of their own material followed by a set of Dark Side on Friday night.

“We did it at the New Year’s Eve show just knowing everybody’s gonna be taking acid, staying awake until five in the morning,” said Coyne. “I don’t think it’ll be that much of a stretch to think Friday night at 2:30 in the morning at Bonnaroo would be that much different than being in Oklahoma City on New Year’s Eve.”

Bonnaroo will announce the entire lineup for the June 10-13 event on Tuesday, February 9.

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