The California Honeydrops Announce New Double LP & Share Title Track ‘Call It Home’ Featuring Bonnie Raitt


The California Honeydrops will issue a new double album Call It Home: Vol. 1 & 2 through Tubtone Records on April 6. The Bay Area-based collective shared the title track and lead single which features special guest Bonnie Raitt.

The California Honeydrops previously toured with Raitt and they also enlisted her keyboardist Mike Finnigan for the new double LP. Described by frontman Lech Wierzynski as a “concept album” about home, the band also enlisted Bay Area bassist/guitarist Kid Anderson and drummer Nicky Otis.

Here’s more about the concept behind Call It Home from Wierzynski:

That’s a subject that’s been on my mind since I was a kid. I was born in Warsaw, Poland. My parents brought me here as a kid and we moved around a lot. They were always talking about missing where they were from and I was always wondering who I was in that way; the question of whether I was Polish or American or both. I didn’t set out to make an album about that, but these songs were coming out that way. Also, the place I’ve been living here in Oakland has changed so much since I’ve lived here. It was a place I felt really comfortable in when I came, but I don’t feel comfortable anymore; it’s a place I can’t really afford to live in anymore.

“It’s rare to find a band as much in love with music and each other as The California Honeydrops,” said Raitt. “Their deep understanding and mastery of classic R&B, New Orleans Jazz and more has allowed them to create music that is as fresh as it is funky, and uniquely their own. Lech has one of the most soulful, elastic voices I’ve ever heard…and he shreds on trumpet and guitar as well. They are truly one of my favorite bands!”

Premiered by Noisey, stream “Call It Home,” featuring Bonnie Raitt below:

The California Honeydrops will tour extensively in the coming months and they launched a Plegemusic campaign in support of the new album. Follow this link to pre-order the record and learn more about the making of the album via the video below:

Call It Home: Vol. 1 & 2 Tracklist

Vol. 1

  1. Call It Home
  2. Coming Around
  3. Cry For Me
  4. Standin’ Still Blues
  5. Hold It Down
  6. Your Sweet Love
  7. Those Days
  8. Live Learn
  9. Vol. 2

  10. Only Home I’ve Ever Known
  11. Silicon World
  12. Tell Me (I Wanna Know)
  13. Drop By Drop
  14. Good Good Lovin’
  15. Things We Used To Do
  16. In My Baby’s Arms
  17. Starr Child