Dave Yoke Guests With Tedeschi Trucks In Georgia

Stream audio of the entire show, which also featured the return of Mark Rivers.

By Scott Bernstein Aug 23, 2021 8:43 am PDT

Tedeschi Trucks‘ Saturday night “Fireside Live” concert at Coolray Field in Lawrenceville, Georgia featured a guest appearance from guitarist Dave Yoke. The Atlanta-based axeman is bandmates with Tedeschi Trucks’ Mike Mattison in Scrapomatic and emerged for the evening’s encore.

Guitarists Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks led a slightly expanded Tedeschi Trucks crew on Saturday as TTB member Mark Rivers sang and played percussion. Rivers joined the tour’s usual lineup of Tedeschi, Trucks, Mattison, bassist Brandon Boone, drummer Tyler “Falcon” Greenwell and keyboardist Gabe Dixon.

The sextet opened with the title track and “Do I Look Worried” from Tedeschi Trucks Band’s 2013 album, Made Up Mind. More originals followed with “Anyhow” and “When Will I Begin” before Tedeschi Trucks played their recently debuted cover of Bessie Smith’s “Gin House Blues.” A nicely extended “Bound For Glory” came next and then the group paired Derek And The Dominos’ “Bell Bottom Blues” and “Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?”

From there, Susan fronted the group on her own “Just Won’t Burn.” Tedeschi Trucks then followed “Part Of Me” with a lengthy “Shame” that featured both a bass and drums duel and a quick run through “My Favorite Things.” Next, Derek Trucks was showcased on “Midnight In Harlem.” The band brought Saturday’s set to a close by working “I Want More” into Santana’s “Soul Sacrifice.”

Dave Yoke was on hand for the encore on Saturday in Lawrenceville. Tedeschi Trucks and their guest covered The Beatles’ “I’ve Got A Feeling” and then ended the night with Tedeschi’s “The Feeling Music Brings.” Stream an audience recording of the concert taped by Z-Man below:


Set One: Do I Look Worried, Made Up Mind, Anyhow, When Will I Begin To Be Free, Gin House Blues, Bound For Glory, Bell Bottom Blues > Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad, Just Won’t Burn, Part Of Me, Shame > Midnight In Harlem, I Want More > Soul Sacrifice

Encore: I’ve Got A Feeling (w/ Dave Yoke on guitar) > Feeling Music Brings (w/ Dave Yoke on guitar)

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