Tanya Tucker Shares ‘Bring My Flowers Now’ Video Featuring Brandi Carlile


Tanya Tucker shared a video for the song “Bring My Flowers Now” from her 2019 album While I’m Livin’. Directed by renowned music video director Trey Fanjoy (Sherly Crow, Steven Tyler, Miranda Lambert), the visual for “Bring My Flowers Now” features Brandi Carlile, who produced While I’m Livin’ with Shooter Jennings.

Fanjoy discussed the song and video in a statement:

This song cracks my heart wide open. Its lyrics, Tanya’s performance and that kind of honesty are rare in music these days. Tanya is an icon to be celebrated. And the connection between Tanya and Brandi is so strong and pure. That’s what I hope people come away with after watching the music video. And like the narrative concept in our piece, this is Tanya’s triumphant return to town. I wanted our video to visually reinforce this in a powerful way. We’ve all missed her voice.

Watch the video for “Bring My Flowers Now” below: