SunSquabi Shares New Single ‘Night Moth’

By Andy Kahn Nov 1, 2018 1:46 pm PDT

SunSquabi shared the new single “Night Moth,” which completes a trilogy of releases that includes the previously issued “Chrysalis” and “Caterpillar.” The three tracks will appear on the trio’s upcoming full-length album coming out November 16.

“‘Night Moth’ is the peak of the metamorphosis and really represents the transformation we have gone through as a band over the last year,” said multi-instrumentalist Kevin Donohue. “The song began as an improvisational idea in Madison, Wisconsin while on tour. Over time the song took form to what the studio version is today, changing shape and structure many times. This idea was really what spawned the rest of the upcoming album.”

“Capturing the live element in the studio is really something we have been focusing on, said keyboardist/bassist Josh Fairman, “and we feel like this is the best representation of the band to date.”

Stream “Night Moth” below:

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