SunSquabi Remixes Lettuce’s ‘The Love You Left Behind’


Livetronica trio SunSquabi gave a Lettuce track the remix treatment. After a July 2018 discussion between the members of SunSquabi and Lettuce drummer Adam Deitch, the trio decided to add their own spin to “The Love You Left Behind.”

“Once we were given the green light, ‘The Love You Left Behind’ from the Lettuce Mt. Crushmore album was the easy choice for us,” said SunSquabi’s Kevin Donohue. The two bands have forged a friendship and developed mutual respect for their work over the past few years. Read more from SunSquabi about the new remix:

“Lettuce has always been one of our favorite bands to listen to. The opportunity to work with their stems and remix this song has been so fun and so interesting to see a little bit of their production process. The first half of the remix adds a classical style melody over the main chorus and changes the song to a darker feel. Thus, setting up the second half as a journey through a psychedelic desert of the ghosts of love you left behind. This remix has been in the works since July 2018 and it’s a huge relief to finally be releasing this to all of you. These guys are musical heroes to us and we are honored to take a piece of their art for a spin. Thanks for listening!”

Listen to the SunSquabi remix of Lettuce’s “The Love You Left Behind” below:

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