STS9 Shares Houston 2019 Soundcheck


At the start of the month, STS9 embarked on a brief tour through the South, including a four-night run across Texas. Ahead of a two-night run at Austin’s Moody Theater, the jamtronica pioneers performed a Thursday show at Houston’s House of Blues. Now, the group has officially released the soundcheck from their April 11 Houston showing.

Given that the Houston show, and particularly its first set, stood out as a highlight of the mini-tour, it’s only appropriate that STS9’s soundcheck reflected the dialed-in dynamics and high energy of the performance. For the 15-minute audio clip, the group first offers a shimmering introduction featuring David Phipps. Eventually, the sound deepens into a heavier, rhythmic jam, contrasted by Hunter Brown‘s soaring guitar riffs.

Later, the track benefits from an infusion of funk, with a propulsive bassline from Alana Rocklin. In keeping with STS9’s sound, the segment is laden with a diverse array of electronic-inspired effects and deftly transitions between varying musical themes. The soundcheck ends with the resolution of a dynamic build, once again returning to the shimmering keys that opened the performance.

Listen to STS9’s soundcheck from Houston’s House of Blue on April 11 below:

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