STS9 Cancels Show Tonight In Tahoe


Jamtronica act STS9 was set to play their second of two shows at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe in Stateline, Nevada tonight. However, a storm is expected to roll through the area that has led the band to decide to cancel the show.

The band posted a note yesterday on social media explaining the decision. “We’ve got some unfortunate news. We’ve been advised that a massive snow storm is rolling into Tahoe and we’re worried about the safety of our fans that will be driving in from the surrounding area so we’ll be cancelling the Friday show,” read part of the note. “We know that our fans travel to see us and we think it would be irresponsible of us to put them and the tour in harms way. Tickets will be refunded at the point of purchase and [Thursday’s] show will run as scheduled.”

Check out the full note from STS9:

Here’s the setlist from last night via The Church Of STS9:

Set One: Jebez, Love Don’t Terrorize, Equinox, Sun, Moon & Stars, Orbital, Give & Take, Breathe In

Set Two: Totem, Crystal Instrument, What Is Love?, MOD#, Lo Swaga, The Rabble > EHM > The Rabble > EHM

Encore: We’ll Meet In Our Dreams

Encore II: Out Of This World > Ramone & Emiglio > Rise Above, Get Loud, STS9

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