STS9, Big Gigantic & EOTO Latest Additions To Soundscape VR Virtual Reality App

By Ming Lee Newcomb Mar 5, 2019 11:28 am PST

Last fall, Suwannee Hulaween debuted the world’s first-ever virtual reality music stage, Soundscape VR. Created by Groove Science Studios, the platform has continued to expand in the time since, merging private and public social VR worlds and adding a multiplayer rhythm game. Now, the studios have added live sets from Big Gigantic, STS9 and EOTO to the virtual reality app for participants to experience from the comfort of their homes.

As noted by the company, “Soundscape VR has evolved into a 24/7 VR music festival that lets users meet up with friends and other music lovers across the globe face to face in audio-reactive music venues where they can have a next-generation concert experience.”

The expansion adds three pre-loaded sets to the program, including Big Gigantic’s Nocturnal album, STS9’s 2018 Hulaween set and EOTO’s performance in Denver, Colorado, on December 14, 2018. Added Groove Science Studios, “We worked with each artist’s management to license the audio for the game, with approvals from the artists themselves, who appreciate being on the cutting edge of music, art, and technology — where Soundscape VR firmly resides.”

Players are still able to listen to curated and synchronized playlists and user-created mixes, as well as load their own music into the application to create a “virtual silent disco.” Once in Soundscape VR, users can chat, dance and play with one another as well as explore and interact with the unique and art-filled digital world.

Soundscape VR is available as a free download on both Steam and Oculus Home. Read a full statement about the expansion, and watch the trailer to preview gameplay below:

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