Stewart Copeland Discusses Oysterhead In New Interview

Legendary drummer Stewart Copeland spoke with Rock Cellar Magazine about the many projects he’s got cooking of late and spent some time discussing Oysterhead, the long-mothballed project featuring The Police drummer with bassist Les Claypool and guitarist Trey Anastasio.

When asked about a potential Oysterhead reunion, Copeland reveals “Well, we’re all really keen. We talk about it…a lot. We cross paths & we’re always talking about it. The problem is…well I’m really busy but I can pick & choose what I’m working on. It’s all on my schedule. Those two guys are both on rather successful, living, working, breathing, touring, recording bands. Their schedules don’t really permit much leeway. Besides, one of us (Anastasio) is now a Grateful Dead!”

Stewart seemed excited about Trey’s upcoming gig performing at Fare Thee Well in Chicago with members of the Grateful Dead. “Trey Garcia, you know? That is so great. When I heard that news, I just exploded with joy. Because I know how much that would mean to Trey, that kind of validation. He never tried to be Jerry Garcia or anything like that, but this was still great news,” Copeland said.

Stewart Copeland’s answers to Oysterhead questions by Rock Cellar Magazine were similar to his responses to back in November. The drummer even discussed he’s vision of getting Oysterhead to perform at his Sacred Grove compound in both interviews. “What I’m hoping is one day both Les and Trey will be in L.A. at the same time, so I can get them over here to the god-damn Sacred Grove! If there were ever two guys made for the Sacred Grove, it’s them,” Copeland told Rock Cellar Magazine.

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