Spafford Releases ‘Lonely’ Rehearsal With Drummer Nick Tkachyk


In April, Spafford confirmed the departure of their drummer Cameron LaForest. Instead, the Arizona-based jam act welcomed back Nick Tkachyk, who previously served as the band’s drummer from 2011 to 2017. Now, the group has released a 12-minute recording of their new lineup rehearsing “Lonely.”

The clip was recorded on May 2, falling two days before Spafford officially returned to the stage with Tkachyk for a performance at New Orleans’ Civic Theatre during Jazz Fest. The clip, which was released late night on May 9, finds the group in proper form and adjusting to their new percussionist. In the jam segment that begins five minutes into the track, Tkachyk and Jordan Fairless expertly hold down the rhythm section, with Tkachyk offering a solid performance that is generally restrained in its scope. Listen to the rehearsal below:

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