Spafford Welcomes Jamband Workout’s Mike Allen In Tempe


Spafford delivered a 420 concert on Tuesday to kick off a two-night run outdoors at the Marquee Theater in Tempe, Arizona. The concert saw the quartet continuing their collaboration with Jamband Workout’s Mike Allen.

Spafford began the first set with a pair of originals, “The Postman” and “Parody” before welcoming Allen on “Plans.” Mike returned to sweat it out with Spafford after joining the band for a livestream performance of “The Reprise” on April 1. Mike — a filmmaker and jam fan — conceived Jamband Workout as a way to get in shape during the pandemic and launched a 10-day workout challenge last month. After Mike’s appearance on “Plans,” the five-song set continued with “Ain’t That Wrong” ahead of Spafford’s seventh-ever performance of Tom Petty’s “You Don’t Know How It Feels” since debuting it on October 3, 2017, as per Spaffnerds, just a day after Tom’s passing.

Spafford then embarked on a nearly seamless second set beginning with “When It Falls,” “Comfortable” and an unfinished “Virtual Bean Dip” before delivering the Grateful Dead classic “The Other One,” which then headed into the Spafford staple “Electric Taco Stand” to complete the continuous segment. The quartet closed out the second set with a bust out of Matthew Wilder’s “Break My Stride” for just the second time ever since unveiling the 1980s one-hit wonder on September 11, 2015. The encore commenced with “Galisteo Way” before the band finished up “Virtual Bean Dip” to bring the show to a close.

Setlist (via Spaffnerds)

Set One: The Postman, Parody, Plans [1], Ain’t That Wrong, You Don’t Know How It Feels

Set Two: When It Falls > Comfortable > Virtual Bean Dip > The Other One > Electric Taco Stand, Break My Stride

Encore: Galisteo Way > Virtual Bean Dip


[1]: With Workout Mike Jam

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