Spafford Plays ‘Bob’ Themed Halloween Concert In Illinois

The band dressed as various characters named Bob and performed covers to match.

By Andy Kahn Nov 2, 2021 11:20 am PDT

Spafford presented a “Bob” themed Halloween concert on Sunday at The Castle Theatre in Bloomington, Illinois. The band dressed in costumes of characters named Bob and played a number of covers to match.

Leading up to Sunday’s single-set show, Spafford played a series of improvisation dominated two-set concerts, each of which featured one song per set — including two fully improvised sets (with an “End Of The Line” encore) on Saturday in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Spafford’s Halloween set was preceded by a performance by Eggy, whose members would later participate in Spafford’s set. Upon taking the stage at The Castle, Spafford’s members revealed their costumes as guitarist Brian Moss dressed as Bob Belcher from Bob’s Burgers, bassist Jordan Fairless as Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons, keyboardist Andrew “Red” Johnson as The Price Is Right host Bob Barker and drummer Nick Tkachyk as painter Bob Ross.

The “Bob” set began with The Simpsons theme song which segued into “Lonely.” Moss then began flipping burgers into the audience, which would continue throughout the set. Spafford dropped into the Bob’s Burgers theme, transitioning it into the Grateful Dead’s “The Other One,” which then segued into “The Postman.”

Eggy drummer Alex Bailey emerged for a rendition of the theme to Bob Ross’ public television painting program while Tkachyk staged a mock “404th episode” of The Joy of Painting. The set continued with “Electric Taco Stand” and “All In,” the latter surrounding a performance of The Price Is Right Theme and Red putting Tkachyk’s painting up for bid while keyboardist Dani Battat filled in and the other members of Eggy played the role of contestants.

The encore kicked off with Harry Belefonte’s “Banana Boat Song” before the members of Eggy (Bailey, Battat, guitarist Jake Brownstein and bassist Mike Goodman) joined Spafford for a drum jam during “Jump In The Line.”

Setlist (via Spafford IG)

Set: The Simpsons Theme > Lonely%, Bob’s Burgers Theme= > The Other One$ > The Postman > Bob Ross Theme^*, Electric Taco Stand#=, All In > Price is Right Theme&+ > All In

Encore: Banana Boat Song€£> Jump in the Line€


  • % – After the song, Brian started flipping cheeseburgers to the crowd. This continued throughout the night.
  • $ – Grateful Dead
  • ^ – with Alex Bailey on Drums
  • * – Nick conducted the 404th episode of The Joy Of Painting live on stage.
  • # – Brian shouted “BOB”
  • & – Red hosted a live The Price Is Right episode. The item up for bid was Nicks painting. Dan, Alex and Michael from Eggy were the contestants.
  • + – with Dani Battat on keys
  • = – The Simpsons Theme Tease
  • € – Harry Belafonte
  • £ – All the members of Eggy joined the stage for a drum jam
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