Snugpups Grateful Dead Dog Coats: Now Your Pup Can Be A Deadhead Too!

A great way to honor the music and legend of the Grateful Dead is with Snugpups officially licensed Grateful Dead themed dog coats.

All Grateful Dead dog coats are made with super cozy, double-lined polyester fleece (or canvas with fleece lining) and feature high stitch count embroidered Grateful Dead Steal Your Face or Dancing Bear patches on each side of the coat.

Snugpups is a family run business based in rural Pennsylvania with a mission to make it easy, affordable, and fun for every dog owner to be able to dress their dogs, for warmth, comfort and style.

Snugpups handmade coats fit all dogs of every crazy shape and size with a warm coat that is easy peasy to get on and off your dogs.

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Snugpups Grateful Dead Dog Coats

No more wrestling your dogs’ legs through holes. No more trying to buckle something under your dogʼs squirming head. Snugpups’ coats are simply over the head and one strap around the middle. Itʼs that simple.

The easy on/off design allows you to slip it over the head and quickly attach the army grade, 2-inch-wide nylon belting around the belly. The sturdy strip of Velcro ensures that the coat will stay on and stay in place while your dog runs, romps, or even curls up for a nap. Oh, and you can toss it in the washer and dryer over and over.

Snugpups coats are definitely not just for little dogs — their most popular customers are Pit Bulls! And Snugpups love fitting giant Great Danes and Mastiffs, too!

Your best friend will be so comfy in this fleece, he or she won’t want to wear anything else. Visit to order your Grateful Dead dog coat today!

Enter Discount Code “JAMBASE” At Checkout For 15% Off
Snugpups Grateful Dead Dog Coats

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