San Francisco Designates Jerry Garcia’s Childhood Homes For Historical Significance

The City Of San Francisco has designated two of the homes a young Jerry Garcia lived in for their historical significance. A plaque have been placed by the city at the late Grateful Dead guitarist’s former home at Harrison Street. A second plaque is planned for his former residence on Amazon Avenue as well.

Garcia lived at 87 Harrington Street in the San Francisco’s Excelsior district with his grandparents and brother Tiff following the unexpected death of his father. Garcia had previously lived nearby at 121 Amazon Ave. which has also been designated to be part of the commemorative plaque program run by the city’s Department of Public Works.

Originally proposed in 2014, the ordinance approving the commemorative plaques read in part:

As singer, lead guitarist, and unofficial spokesperson for the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia became a reluctant cultural icon of psychedelic music and the hippie movement that helped define San Francisco in the 1960s …

Commemorating the childhood homes of Jerry Garcia will celebrate Garcia’s unique contributions to the social and cultural life of the City and help promote the significant role the Excelsior District played in the formative years of this unique San Franciscan.

An official unveiling party will be held on Sunday, October 16 as part of Sunday Streets in the Excelsior. Below are renderings of the plaques from the City Of San Francisco as well as an image of the plaque featuring Garcia’s image and home at the corner of Mission and Harrington shared by his daughter Trixie Garcia:

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