Ryley Walker Releases ‘So Certain’ EP

Listen to the guitarist’s set of four new songs.

By Andy Kahn Jan 12, 2022 12:48 pm PST

Guitarist Ryley Walker put out a new EP, So Certain, through his Husky Pants record label. The previously unannounced release features four new original songs.

Walker visited the Electrical Audio recording facility in December 2021. So Certain was recorded to tape and mixed by Cooper Crain. Walker was joined at the session by frequent collaborators, bassist Andrew Scott Young, guitarist Bill MacKay and drummer Quin Kirchner. The digital version of So Certain is now available to stream. A vinyl edition will be released in August.

Read Walker’s note in the vinyl version’s description:

“45 RPM. Recorded/mixed/mastered/and cut with direct analog signal. Shit is dank. Literally not gonna be ready til August though. I know it’s insane. If you are able to pony up and sit on it for 8 months, thank you. If not – I totally understand. A record label would make me wait until the LP is done, for good reason. It’s a pain in the ass to wait. I do this all myself on a shoestring budget – the luxury of waiting it out is not something I can afford. I’m also impatient and hate sitting on music. Your support [is] appreciated and sorry for the bullshit. Out of my control. I guarantee a fine platter for you though. The test I heard was bootyful and made me cry.”

Listen to Ryley Walker’s new EP, So Certain, below:

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