Ryan Adams Shares Summer-Themed Spotify Playlists

By Andy Kahn Jun 9, 2018 7:23 am PDT

While the official start of summer doesn’t begin until the solstice arrives on June 21, the influx of warm days, muggy evenings and breezy nights make it seem as though the season has already begun. Ryan Adams prepared a pair of Spotify Playlists to soundtrack your summer days and nights and you don’t have to wait until the solstice to listen to them.

This week’s edition of Saturday Stream presents the two playlists Adams curated for Spotify. One is titled Summer Days and the other is called Summer Nights.

Both playlists are made up of 23-tracks and each features Adams’ recordings with the Prisoner B-side “Where Will You Run?” on the daytime set and the Prisoner cut “We Disappear” and the title track to his 2015 EP No Shadow making the nighttime collection. The two playlists also both contain tracks by Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and The Beatles.

The Summer Days playlist also has recordings by David Bowie, Daniel Johnston, AC/DC, Don Henley, John Mayer, Tears For Fears, Superchunk, Antietam, Public Image Ltd., Social Distortion and others. The Summer Nights playlist also has songs by Low, Cowboy Junkies, The Smiths, Galaxie 500, Sun Kil Moon/Mark Kozelek, Junior Kimbrough, Bert Jansch, Madonna, Swans and more.

Stream the pair of playlists below:

Summer Days

Summer Nights

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