rEPeat Customers Edition: Vanishing Twin, The Comet Is Coming, Kikagaku Moyo & Follakzoid Feat. J. Spaceman


Vanishing Twin: Dream By Numbers

This week I’ve got a quickie set of artists previously selected for RecommNeds who recently are out with great, just-a-taste EP’s. Kicking things off is Vanishing Twin who were one of my favorite discoveries last year. The London-based band has followed up that album with an equally killer EP, titled Dream By Numbers. The Bandcamp page claims the music is, “built around a series of improvisations” and it indeed has a freeform, otherworldly quality. The music is uniformly excellent: engaging, far-reaching and totally its own things … let’s get this out from under the radar, shall we?


The Comet Is Coming: Death To The Planet

Another killer London-based band (maybe time for a trip to London?) is The Comet Is Coming. They were featured as a Eurojammer a little more than a year ago, with what I called, “a tremendous debut full-length, bringing the old ‘acid jazz’ into the 21st century.” Their new EP Death To The Planet proves there’s a galaxy’s worth of heavy, dark grooves out there for these guys to deliver. Whether that album title is a warning or a threat, I wouldn’t waste any time, get on The Comet Is Coming rocketship before it blasts off without you. This is some real-deal far-flung funk music.


Kikagaku Moyo: Stone Garden

Japanese psychonauts Kikagaku Moyo have been regulars around these parts since their debut three years ago, so hopefully you’ve been playing along and these guys are not totally new to you. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, they’re pretty prolific and are back as good as ever with their new EP Stone Garden on the Guruguru Brain label. In five tracks they still manage to cover about 30 minutes of heavy jams, folky brain-romps and plenty of psychedelic sitar-laced excursions. These guys are awesome.


Follakzoid Feat. J. Spaceman: London Sessions

If you haven’t gotten enough of the serious space-grooves yet this week, hopefully I can take you to that place with my last rec of the set. Chilean mind-fuckers Follakzoid are another multi-rec’d band, last appearing here two years ago. They’re now back out with two 11-minute tracks on their London Sessions. This is a collaboration with J. Spaceman of Spiritualized where they took two tracks from Follakzoid’s last album and basically live-jammed them out in the studio with the tapes rolling (thankfully). Well worth making some room in your headspace for this one. Enjoy ‘em all, friends.