Remembering John Lennon: Performing Live With The Beatles In 1965


One of the the most talented songwriters in rock ‘n’ roll history, John Lennon was senselessly murdered 37 years ago today. With his partner Paul McCartney, the pair of co-founding members of The Beatles are credited with composing some the most beloved and enduring songs of the past half century. Lennon went on to write several additional standout songs as a solo artist, but it’s his time as a member of The Fab Four that is the subject of this edition of Full Show Friday.

Black-and-white footage of The Beatles performing on April 11, 1965 at the NME Poll-Winners’ All-Star Concert at Wembley Empire Pool in London was captured and later aired on television in the UK. Also on the bill that day were The Rolling Stones, The Animals, Dusty Springfield and Tom Jones. The Beatles set consisted of four original songs and a closing cover of Little Richard’s “Long Tall Sally.”

Lennon’s “I Feel Fine” opened the set as Beatlemania set in and screaming fans welcomed the guitarist along with McCartney on bass, George Harrison on guitar and Ringo Starr to the stage. The set also featured Lennon’s “Ticket To Ride” and his true collaboration with McCartney, “Baby In Black.” The Lennon/McCartney tune Paul wrote, “She’s A Woman,” was also performed. Watch The Beatles’ full set below: