Release Day Picks: September 23rd New Album Highlights


Each week Release Day Picks profiles new LPs and EPs Team JamBase will be checking out on release day Friday. This week we highlight new albums by Bruce Springsteen, Greensky Bluegrass, David Bowie, GRiZ, Greg Loiacono and Billy Bragg & Joe Henry . Read on for more insight into the records we have all queued up to spin.

Bruce Springsteen – Chapter & Verse

The Scoop: Iconic singer-songwriter/rocker Bruce Springsteen has released an audio companion to his new memoir Born To Run. The Boss’s Chapter & Verse takes listeners on a trip down memory lane with Springsteen featuring 18 tracks handpicked by Bruce that span 1966 to 2012. Fans will appreciate the opportunity to hear Springsteen’s work with pre E Street Band groups such as Steel Mill, The Castilles and the Bruce Springsteen Band. Five of the tunes on the compilation had never been released before. Watch a trailer for Chapter & Verse:

Label: Sony/Columbia

Producer: Bruce Springsteen

Number Of Tracks: 18

Running Time: 77:51

Guest Musicians: The Castilles, The Bruce Springsteen Band, Steel Mill, E Street Band


  1. Baby I — The Castiles (recorded May 2, 1966, at Mr. Music, Bricktown, NJ; written by Bruce Springsteen and George Theiss; previously unreleased)
  2. You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover — The Castiles (recorded Sept. 16, 1967, at The Left Foot, Freehold, NJ; written by Willie Dixon; previously unreleased)
  3. He’s Guilty (The Judge Song) — Steel Mill (recorded Feb. 22, 1970, at Pacific Recording Studio, San Mateo, CA; previously unreleased)
  4. Ballad of Jesse James — The Bruce Springsteen Band (recorded March 14, 1972, at Challenger Eastern Surfboards, Highland, NJ; previously unreleased)
  5. Henry Boy (recorded June 1972, at Mediasound Studios, New York, NY; previously unreleased)
  6. Growin’ Up (recorded May 3, 1972, at Columbia Records Recordings Studios, New York, NY; previously appeared on Tracks)
  7. 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) (1973, The Wild, The Innocent & the E Street Shuffle)
  8. Born to Run (1975, Born to Run)
  9. Badlands (1977, Darkness on the Edge of Town)
  10. The River (1980, The River)
  11. My Father’s House (1982, Nebraska)
  12. Born in the U.S.A. (1984, Born in the U.S.A.)
  13. Brilliant Disguise (1987, Tunnel of Love)
  14. Living Proof (1992, Lucky Town)
  15. The Ghost of Tom Joad (1995, The Ghost of Tom Joad)
  16. The Rising (2002, The Rising)
  17. Long Time Comin’ (2005, Devils & Dust)
  18. Wrecking Ball (2012, Wrecking Ball)

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Greensky Bluegrass – Shouted, Written Down & Quoted

The Scoop: Shouted, Written Down & Quoted finds Michigan’s favorite string back in the studio for its sixth album following the Billboard Top Bluegrass Albums chart success of both Handguns (No. 3) and If Sorrows Swim (No. 1). This time, they joined forces with their biggest name producer to date, Steve Berlin of Los Lobos fame. The album follows the typical Greensky Bluegrass methodology for the live shows and studio releases which is juxtaposing barn-burning acoustic acrobatic numbers with more introspective folk songs. This album was recorded in a fairly relaxed manner – comparatively speaking – with sessions in both Nederland, Colorado and Asheville, North Carolina – two hotbeds for acoustic music. With the point-counterpoint writing duo of Paul Hoffman and Dave Bruzza, Greensky has honed the ability to tap into the songwriter first, virtuoso second approach that has allowed bands like Old Crow Medicine Show and Trampled By Turtles to grow beyond simply bluegrass and jam band niches. Shouted, Written Down & Quoted should hopefully be a step along a similar growth trajectory for Greensky as well. Have a listen to the tongue-in-cheek “Past My Prime”:

Label: Big Blue Zoo

Producer: Steve Berlin

Number Of Tracks: 11

Running Time: 44:39

Guest Musicians: N/A


  1. Miss September
  2. Past My Prime
  3. While Waiting
  4. Run or Die
  5. Room Without a Roof
  6. Hold On
  7. Merely Avoiding
  8. Living Over
  9. More of Me
  10. Fixin’ to Ruin
  11. Take Cover

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GRiZ – Good Will Prevail

The Scoop: All but one of the the 13 tracks on the new album from DJ/saxophonist/producer Grant Kwiecinski features a guest performer. The range of special helpers sitting-in on songs on the new GRiZ album includes Lettuce/Soulive guitarist Eric Krasno, the duos Big Gigantic and Cherub, The London Souls guitarist Tash Neal and others. “I wrote ‘Can’t Hold Me Down’ as a piece of motivation for those who are feelin’ down and struggling in their lives,” GRiZ said about “Can’t Hold Me Down,” the single featuring Neal that can be streamed here:

Label: All Good Records

Producer: Grant Kwiecinski

Number Of Tracks: 13

Running Time: 59:14

Guest Musicians: Eric Krasno, Big Gigantic, Tash Neal, Son Little, Brasstracks, Prob Cause, SunSquabi, Artifakts, iDa HAWK, Cherub, Natalola, Cory Enemy, Eli “Paperboy” Reed, Louis Futon, Leo Napier, Muzzy Bearr


  1. Wicked (feat. Eric Krasno)
  2. Can’t Hold Me Down (feat. Tash Neal)
  3. My Friends and I (feat. Prob Cause)
  4. I Don’t Mind (feat. SunSquabi, Artifakts & iDa HAWK)
  5. Good Times Roll (feat. Big Gigantic)
  6. Feelin’ Fine
  7. PS GFY (feat. Cherub)
  8. What We’ve Become (feat. Natalola & Cory Enemy)
  9. If There Ever Comes a Day (feat. Eli “Paperboy” Reed & Louis Futon)
  10. Rather Be Free (feat. Muzzy Bearr)
  11. Gotta Push On (feat. Eric Krasno & Brasstracks)
  12. Before I Go (feat. Leo Napier)
  13. Driftin’ (feat. Son Little)

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Greg Loiacono – Songs From A Golden Dream

The Scoop: After decades of performing as a founding member of Bay Area favorites The Mother Hips, guitarist Greg Loiacono has finally released a full-length solo album. Songs From A Golden Dream shows off a different side of Greg’s musicality from what The Mother Hips fans may be familiar with. Loiacono recruited drummer Todd Roper (Cake, Chuck Prophet) and bassist Scott Thunes (Frank Zappa, The Mother Hips, Fear), as well as Lefty Knight on pedal steel guitar and sitar and Jackie Greene on Hammond organ to contribute to the 11-song record. David Simon-Baker was tapped to co-produce the LP alongside Loiacono. The material spans a 10 year period, though some of the tunes are new. Watch the animated video for “The Red Thread Part III (The Day’s Long Wind)”:

Label: Self-Released

Producer: Greg Loiacono & David Simon-Baker

Number Of Tracks: 11

Running Time: 45:13

Guest Musicians: Scott Thunes, Jackie Greene, Todd Roper and Lefty Knight


  1. The Red Thread Part I (The Gloaming)
  2. Ship Of Fear
  3. Tell It To The Trees
  4. Mahalia Mornings
  5. Please Let Us Be Friends
  6. The Red Thread Part II (An Interlude)
  7. Sunny Day Blues
  8. I Can’t Be Your Anything
  9. Away From The Stones
  10. Bus Ride Blues
  11. The Red Thread Part III (The Day’s Long Wind)

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Billy Bragg & Joe Henry – Shine A Light: Field Recordings From The Great American Railroad

The Scoop: Earlier this year singer-songwriters Billy Bragg and Joe Henry turned back the clock by boarding a Los Angeles-bound train in Chicago with the idea of recording old folk, blues and country tunes inspired by the culture of American railroad travel from early in the 20th century. Over the course of their 2,000+ mile journey, the duo made field recordings of 13 songs at train stations along the route wherever they could set up a pair of mics. The result, Shine a Light: Field Recordings From The Great American Railroad, is a love-letter to the oft-overlooked and extremely important method of transportation and that could be considered a modern compendium to Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music. Check out the video for “The L&N Don’t Stop Here Anymore”:

Label: Cooking Vinyl

Producer: Joe Henry

Number Of Tracks: 13

Running Time: 43:17

Guest Musicians: N/A


  1. Rock Island Line
  2. The L&N Don’t Stop Here Anymore
  3. The Midnight Special
  4. Railroad Bill
  5. Lonesome Whistle
  6. KC Moan
  7. Waiting for a Train
  8. In The Pines
  9. Gentle On My Mind
  10. Hobo’s Lullaby
  11. Railroading On The Great Divide
  12. John Henry
  13. Early Morning Rain

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David Bowie – Who Can I Be Now? (1974 – 1976)

The Scoop: The retrospective 12-CD, 13-LP vinyl box set and digital download features David Bowie’s previously unreleased album The Gouster. Producer Tony Visconti described The Gouster as “40 minutes of glorious funk,” including an extended, funky reworking of his 1972 single “John, I’m Only Dancing” retitled as “John, I’m Only Dancing (Again).” The set also includes Diamond Dogs, David Live (in original and 2005 mixes), Young Americans, Station To Station (in original and 2010 mixes), Live Nassau Coliseum 76 and the non-album b-sides and reworked singles compilation Re:Call 2. Stream a remix of the track “TVC 15” from the album Station To Station below:

Label: Parlophone Records

Producer: Tony Visconti


LP Box Set

  • 84 Page hardback book
  • Diamond Dogs (remastered) (1 LP)
  • David Live (original mix) (remastered) (2 LP) *
  • David Live (2005 mix) (remastered) (3 LP)
  • The Gouster (previously unreleased as an album) (1 LP) *
  • Young Americans (remastered) (1 LP)
  • Station To Station (remastered) (1 LP)
  • Station To Station (Harry Maslin 2010 mix) (1 LP) *
  • Live Nassau Coliseum ’76 (2 LP)
  • Re:Call 2 (Single versions and non-album B-sides) (remastered) (1 LP) *

CD Box Set

  • 128 Page hardback book
  • Diamond Dogs (remastered) (1 CD)
  • David Live (original mix) (remastered) (2 CD) *
  • David Live (2005 mix) (remastered) (2 CD)
  • The Gouster (previously unreleased as an album) (1 CD) *
  • Young Americans (remastered) (1 CD)
  • Station To Station (remastered) (1 CD)
  • Station To Station (Harry Maslin 2010 mix) (1 CD) *
  • Live Nassau Coliseum ’76 (2 CD)
  • Re:Call 2 (Single versions and non album B-sides) (remastered) (1 CD) *

Digital download 192kHz/24bit Box Set

  • Diamond Dogs (remastered)
  • David Live (original mix) (remastered) *
  • The Gouster *
  • Young Americans (remastered)
  • Station To Station (remastered)

Digital download 96kHz/24bit Box Set

  • Diamond Dogs (remastered)
  • David Live (original mix) (remastered) *
  • The Gouster *
  • Young Americans (remastered)
  • Station To Station (remastered)

Digital download standard/MFiT Box Set

  • Diamond Dogs (remastered)
  • David Live (original mix) (remastered) *
  • David Live (2005 mix) (remastered)
  • The Gouster (previously unreleased as an album) *
  • Young Americans (remastered) (1 CD)
  • Station To Station (remastered) (1 CD)
  • Station To Station (Harry Maslin 2010 mix) *
  • Live Nassau Coliseum ’76 (non MFiT)
  • Re:Call 2 (Single versions and non album B-sides) (remastered) (non MFiT) *

* Exclusive to Who Can I Be Now? (1974 – 1976)

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Compiled by Ryan Dembinsky, Jeffrey Greenblatt, Andy Kahn and Scott Bernstein.