The Jam Menagerie Edition: Moon Goose, Possum & Dire Wolves


Moon Goose: Source Code

Time for the old RecommNeds to do our best Dr. Doolittle with a trio of animalistic bands that you absolutely should be listening to. We’ll start with the mysterious Brit band that goes by the name of Moon Goose. Their latest release Source Code may or may not be a concept album, but there is a singular theme running over the course of these 12 tracks and that theme is sweet jams, dude! Seriously, this one is exploding with some scintillating psych-kraut-boogie of that turn-that-shit-up variety we all know and love. This one starts with a bang and keeps it going start to finish. Highly recommended.


Possum: Space Grade Assembly

Next up into Noah’s Ark is one of my favorite releases of the year, the absolutely-must-listen Space Grade Assembly from Possum. Hailing from Toronto, I don’t want to say they’re a Canadian King Gizzard, but it’s too late, I already said it. Grab something to hang onto before pressing play on this one, because you’re going to need something to counterbalance all the ecstatic, involuntary fuck-yeah headbanging you’re going to be doing to this most excellent brew of psychedelic garage jam. These guys come hard and then go long with some heavy rocking and spacey take-offs. Please do check this one out, I think you’ll dig.


Dire Wolves: Grow Towards The Light

This one makes it three weeks in a row that I’ve featured a Beyond Beyond Is Beyond release, but as long as they keep on putting out albums like Grow Towards The Light, I’ve got no choice, no choice but to recommend ‘em. The band is Dire Wolves, this new one is just out and it slaps, my friends, it slaps. Raunchy distorted guitars, eerie violins and haunting ethereal vocals ride a serious chug of bass and drums to create a rather hallucinogenic soundspace. This is one to get lost in, a long horse-and-buggy ride through the dark-and-spooky forest of your mind. Those are three rather ferocious beasts I’ve let loose on you this week, best let you wrestle with those for now, back with more of the same next week. Until then, enjoy!