Quincy Jones Takes Aim At The Beatles In A New Interview


84-year-old Quincy Jones has left quite an imprint on the music industry over the past 70+ years. His credits include co-producing Michael Jackson’s best-selling albums such as Thriller, winning 28 Grammys, becoming the first African American to be nominated for an Academy Award For Best Original Song (along with Bob Russell), gaining induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame and much more. Next up for Quincy is a Netflix documentary and CBS special. This morning, Vulture published an interview with Quincy Jones and he shared a jaw-dropping anecdote about The Beatles and harsh opinions.

Quincy was asked by Vulture about his first impressions of the Fab Four. Jones couldn’t have been less impressed as he called them, “the worst musicians in the word” and “no-playing motherfuckers.” The Chicago-native, who arranged Ringo’s cover of “Love Is A Many Splendored Thing” for the drummer’s 1970 solo debut Sentimental Journey went on to peg Paul McCartney as “the worst bass player I ever heard” and then took aim at Ringo:

And Ringo? Don’t even talk about it. I remember once we were in the studio with [producer] George Martin, and Ringo had taken three hours for a four-bar thing he was trying to fix on a song. He couldn’t get it. We said, “Mate, why don’t you get some lager and lime, some shepherd’s pie, and take an hour-and-a-half and relax a little bit.” So he did, and we called Ronnie Verrell, a jazz drummer. Ronnie came in for 15 minutes and tore it up. Ringo comes back and says, “George, can you play it back for me one more time?” So George did, and Ringo says, “That didn’t sound so bad.” And I said, “Yeah, motherfucker because it ain’t you.” Great guy, though.

Quincy Jones wasn’t completely anti-rock as he liked Cream. He also revealed Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen “sings and plays just like Hendrix” and told a story of attending a trip on Allen’s yacht that also featured David Crosby, Joe Walsh and Sean Lennon. Head here for more from that trip and more tales from Quincy Jones.

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