Pro-Shot: Yonder Mountain String Band Shares ‘Wish You Were Here’ Video


Hosts Yonder Mountain String Band held the 15th Annual Northwest String Summit in North Plains, Oregon at Horning’s Hideout July 14 – 17. Among the many memorable moments that took place over the weekend was the YMSB Pink Floyd tribute set on Saturday that saw a full rendering of the iconic group’s album Animals. Yonder punctuated the performance with an additional cover of a Floyd favorite, and thanks to EPIC Creative pro-shot video is available for viewing.

After re-creating Animals during Saturday’s second set with the assistance of drummer Jay Elliott and keyboardist Asher Fulero, YMSB and their guests offered another pair of Pink Floyd covers for the encore. The Meddle track “Fearless” kicked off the encore before a cover of the title track to the 1975 LP Wish You Were Here.

Here’s footage of fiddle player Allie Kral handling lead vocals on “Wish You Were Here” and the 25+ minute previously shared “Dogs” produced by EPIC Creative:

Setlist (via PT Yonder)

Set One: Winds Of Wyoming> Around You> Winds Of Wyoming, Love Before You Can’t, Bound to Ride, Casualty> Sidewalk Stars> Casualty, Remind Me1, Criminal1

Set Two: Pigs On The Wing1> Dogs1> Pigs (Three Different Ones)1> Sheep1> Pigs On The Wing1

Encore: Fearless1, Wish You Were Here1

1 – Jay Elliott on drums and Asher Fulero on keys & vocals

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