Primus Welcomes Copeland, Carey & Clarke In L.A.

On November 20, an interview with drummer Stewart Copeland was published and contained hopeful news about the potential reunion of Oysterhead, a band featuring Copeland joined by Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio and Primus bassist Les Claypool. Just one day later, Copeland and Claypool shared the stage as part of a guest-filled Primus encore at The Orpheum in Los Angeles.

Primus started “Here Comes The Bastards” in L.A. by their lonesomes, but soon Claypool welcomed The Police drummer to the stage, who he introduced as “a very good friend of mine and a band mate.” Shortly thereafter, Les told the crowd “this is an incredibly thrilling thing for me. There’s a fellow who I grew to admire when I was a very young guy, and pretty much changed my whole perception of the bass guitar around. Here’s here tonight he’s going to grace us with some of his magic. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Stanley Clarke.” The legendary jazz bassist and Claypool then soloed on top of the “Here Comes The Bastards” groove as Copeland shared Tim “Herb” Alexander’s kit. Les also took a moment to answer the question “whose licks did you steal the most” and pointed at Clarke. As if that wasn’t enough, Tool drummer Danny Carey emerged to join in the fray on percussion.

Watch fan-shot footage of the guest-filled “Here Comes The Bastards” shot by Brian James: