Posthumous J.J. Cale Album ‘Stay Around’ Coming


Stay Around, a posthumous album from JJ Cale, will be issued on April 26 via Because Music. The first taste of the album that features 15 previously unreleased songs has been shared with “Chasing You.”

The LP was compiled by Cale’s widow Christine Lakeland Cale and his manager Mike Kappusmarks and marks the first album from the influential musician since 2009’s Roll On. “I wanted to find stuff that was completely unheard to max-out the ‘Cale factor’… using as much that came from John’s ears and fingers and his choices as I could, so I stuck to John’s mixes,” shared Lakeland Cale. “You can make things so sterile that you take the human feel out. But John left a lot of that human feel in. He left so much room for interpretation.”

Listen to “Chasing You” below via Rolling Stone:

Stay Around Tracklist

  1. Lights Down Low
  2. Chasing You
  3. Winter Snow
  4. Stay Around
  5. Tell You ‘Bout Her
  6. Oh My My
  7. My Baby Blues
  8. Girl Of Mine
  9. Go Downtown
  10. If We Try
  11. Tell Daddy
  12. Wish You Were Here
  13. Long About Sundown
  14. Maria
  15. Don’t Call Me Joe