Positive Legacy Details ‘Winter Wishes Gift Drive’ For Children Of Live Music Industry Workers

Positive Legacy and Cloud 9 Adventures announced a “Winter Wishes Gift Drive.” The initiative is geared toward live music industry workers hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “Winter Wishes Gift Drive” continues Positive Legacy’s tireless work in providing assistance for music industry workers who are out of work due to the pandemic. The nonprofit is accepting gift wishes from children of unemployed members of the live music community as well as donations to help those wishes come true.

Executive Director of Positive Legacy Kristen Sommer-Swager detailed the “Winter Wishes Gift Drive” in a statement:

We are happy to continue supporting the Music Industry crew during this time as the Winter will become more mentally and financially challenging for our community than the rest of the year has been. We are excited to provide a platform to spread joy and support our neighbors in need to ensure that the holidays bring smiles to children and families who wouldn’t have the income to otherwise purchase gifts. Please help us make this a reality, as giving to those in need is the greatest gift of all.

Positive Legacy will be accepting wishes until tomorrow, Friday, October 30. Head here to submit. After wishes are received, Positive Legacy will run a campaign between November 2 and 30, ending on Cyber Monday, to fulfill as many winter wishes as possible. A registry for the “Winter Wishes Gift Drive” has been set up and can be accessed on November 2 by clicking here.